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We have been planning to renovate our house for about 8 years now.  Each time we get the motivation to go through with it we change our minds about what we want, panic about how much money we will spend and freak out (mainly me) about the hell of living through a renovation with children.  Over the years we have had to make small modifications as more children arrived, for example we converted the hallway into a small bedroom for child number three.  Now that our third child is at school we figured it was time to bite the bullet and do it.  We have now been renovating for two weeks and I have pretty much had enough already.  Please let it be noted that actually I have been away for the whole two weeks this was going on, but still it stresses me out!  

Today I am sitting in the old converted hallway beside my youngest daughters cot which she has finally moved out of and I feel good.  Things are starting to take shape and every child has a room larger than a closet which is a pretty exciting thing around here.  We have a couple of weeks off any more building work which is great and the next work is not inside the house which is even better.  I'm sure many of you reading this have endured the pain of renovating the family home.  The dust, the constant decision making, the money falling through your fingers.....  I know it will be worth it in the end, but here I am sitting in the hallway.  You get where I'm coming from, right?

On the back of those happy thoughts and just when you think that your life is getting back to normal with the children back at school, you realise that Christmas is coming!  In exactly 10 weeks today Mr Claus will have visited all of the homes around the world.  I am one of those people who has a present cupboard which is constantly full but when it comes close to Christmas I still have that last minute panic that I haven't purchased the right things for the right people, that one daughter may feel like she has more than the other.  My eldest is turning 11 on Thursday!  I can't quite believe it?  So I entered the present cupboard yesterday to wrap her gifts and I swear that every child in the neighbourhood could receive one present each from me, I think I have been buying things throughout the year without checking what I already have.  I guess it will be a very Merry Christmas at our place this year!

I find shopping for children really easy.  I always try to get a good balance of gifts they need and those they want.  However, when it comes to tweens and adults I really struggle.  I really enjoy getting things that I need but its often quite a nice surprise to get things that are just for me, that I would never buy for myself.  This has been my motivation to create gift packs.  There are lots of great products on the website which can suit lots of different types of people.  I personally like the idea of mixing and matching products to suit the person so have the option for you to choose your combination of products and then add the gift pack wrapping option.  This allows you to create a gift pack that you think best suits your friend, parent, teacher, coach etc.  

So keep an eye on my Facebook page and website to see the new gift packs and products available and remember that is never too early to plan your Christmas gifts.  

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  • I love this post! Yes I totally feel your Reno pain … took me months to recover and my #1 piece of advice is “look after yourself” since when mama falls apart it all falls apart (true!) As for the present cupboard – YES. Going to fill mine further with your lovely products ! X

    Mel on

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