Fizzy bath salts with no flowers please!

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I have three daughters, the youngest is a little blonde cutie who has just started school.  Last night she said that she wanted a bath.  Nothing unusual about that, she is a real water baby.  So I dutifully filled the bath for her for the second time that day, put all of the bath toys in and called her to get ready.  Now this is where things got interesting.

Miss 5 walked into the bathroom.....looked around....  'Where are my candles?', she says.  As a young child with a mother who makes candles I guess that isn't an unusual request.  So I found two candles in the fragrances she likes, lit them in the bathroom and told her to get in.  'But I want bath salts for my bath because my body is so tired and you keep telling me that bath salts help me to relax', she says with a grin.  'But not the ones with the dried flowers in, I don't like those ones, and I want it to be fizzy!'. 

Taking a deep breath I head into the kitchen.  I was busy creating a recipe for fizzy bath salts when I hear 'chocolate and mint fragrance please!'.  Argh!  After a bit of trial and error I managed to get the ultimate approval of my new fizzy bath salts.  They had to make a fizz when they entered the water but not make the bottom of the bath too gritty, no colouring and definitely no dried flowers!

This is often how my products are created.  My children have very sensitive, dry skin so I try to make something to help with that.  I start swimming and don't like the chlorine smell on my skin so I create something to fix that.  I get a rash after using an expensive body moisturiser so I find a way to make my own.  I hear of another breast cancer diagnosis and I create a natural, aluminium free deodorant.  I started this business because I had beautiful empty candle jars gathering dust and wondered if there was any way I could refill them with soy wax rather than throw them away.    My products keep evolving over time and I suspect they always will, that's why I love what I do.

Keep an eye out for the new 5 year old approved fizzy bath salts coming to my online store soon.  


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  • Why no flowers Mum? Lol, what a cutie. ❤️

    Leanne on

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